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The Ultimate Shield Against Environmental Hazards

At Mountainside Mobile Detailing, we offer top-tier ceramic coating services in Colorado, providing your vehicle with the ultimate protection and shine. Whether you want to protect your paintwork, interior, or glass surfaces, our mobile team delivers professional, reliable “ceramic coating near me” services.


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12-Month Ceramic Protection

Starting at $499

Experience the ultimate protection for your vehicle with our 12-month ceramic coating package. This comprehensive package includes an exterior detail, decontamination wash, single stage paint enhancement, and a 12-month spray on ceramic coating. Your vehicle will be shielded from harmful environmental factors and stay looking new for longer.

3-Year Ceramic Protection

Starting at $899

Transform your vehicle into a work of art that's protected for years to come with our 3-year ceramic coating package. Our exterior detail, iron remover and clay bar will decontaminate your paint, while paint enhancement will remove ~60% of defects and blemishes. Your vehicle's paint will then be topped with our professional grade ceramic coating that provides exceptional protection against environmental elements and provides a long-lasting shine for up to 3 years.

7-Year Gaphene Ceramic Protection

Starting at $1599

Provide your vehicle with the ultimate protection with our 7 year graphene ceramic coating package. This package includes an exterior detail, decontamination wash, two stage paint correction to remove up to 90% of blemishes, and a top-of-the-line 5 year professional grade ceramic coating. With this package, your vehicle will be protected from the Colorado elements and maintain a showroom finish for years to come.

Upgrade your vehicle's protection and shine with our professional ceramic coating services.

Interior Ceramic Coating

Transform your car's interior with our professional-grade ceramic coating service. Our interior ceramic coating service protects and preserves leather, fabric, and plastic surfaces, providing long-lasting protection against dirt, stains, and UV rays. Experienced a like-new interior with a brilliant, durable finish that's easy to maintain.

Wheel Ceramic Coating

Protect your wheels from the harsh Colorado elements with our professional wheel ceramic coating service. Our coating provides a durable layer of protection against corrosion caused by brake dust, mag chloride and other road salts, ensuring that your wheels look pristine for longer. We coat all types of wheels, including alloy, chrome, and painted finishes, and our coating also makes cleaning your wheels a breeze.

Glass Ceramic Coating

Protect your vehicle's windows with our glass ceramic coating service. Our specially formulated coating creates a hydrophobic barrier that repels water and dirt, making it easier to maintain clear visibility in rain or snowy conditions. It also reduces the risk of scratches and chips caused by debris on the road. Trust us to keep your windows looking crystal clear for months to come.

Frequently Asked

General Questions

Ceramic coating is a liquid polymer that chemically bonds with a vehicle’s paint, creating a protective layer. It’s designed to shield the paint from environmental contaminants, UV rays, and minor scratches, while also providing a high-gloss finish.

Ceramic coating offers benefits such as superior paint protection, UV resistance, water and dirt repellency, and a lasting glossy finish.

Ceramic coatings are highly hydrophobic, meaning they repel water. When a vehicle is coated, water beads up and rolls off the surface more easily, taking dirt and grime with it. This hydrophobic effect makes it much easier to clean your car, as contaminants do not adhere strongly to the coating.

Ceramic coatings provide a hard layer of protection that can reduce the likelihood of fine scratches and swirl marks. However, it’s not completely scratch-proof. Proper washing techniques and regular maintenance are essential to preserve the coating’s integrity and appearance.

The lifespan of a ceramic coating depends on various factors including the quality of the coating, the application process, and how the vehicle is maintained. High-quality coatings like Jade Obsidian and Jade Graphene, offered by Mountainside Mobile Detailing, can last up to 7 years with proper care.

Yes, ceramic coating is beneficial for all types of vehicles, from luxury and exotic cars to daily drivers. It provides lasting protection and maintains the vehicle’s appearance, regardless of make or model.

Ceramic coatings work best on a clean, corrected paint surface. Existing layers of wax or sealant should be removed during the preparation process to ensure the ceramic coating properly bonds to the paint

Graphene coatings are the latest advancement in ceramic coating technology. While both graphene and SiO2 (silicon dioxide) coatings offer protection and gloss, graphene coatings provide enhanced durability, better water-spot resistance, and stronger protection against chemicals and UV rays. The molecular structure of graphene results in tighter bonds, offering a higher level of scratch resistance and hydrophobic properties compared to traditional SiO2 coatings.

While ceramic coatings make maintenance easier, they do require some special care to ensure longevity. It’s recommended to wash the vehicle regularly with a pH-neutral shampoo, avoid harsh chemicals, and perform a decontamination wash periodically to remove any buildup.

The cost of ceramic coating varies depending on the size of the vehicle, the condition of the paint, and the type of coating selected. At Mountainside Mobile Detailing, we offer a range of options tailored to meet the specific needs and budget of each client.

With over 15 years of experience and a dedication to excellence, Mountainside Mobile Detailing brings unparalleled expertise to every ceramic coating application. As a Colorado-based business, we understand the unique challenges faced by vehicles in our region and use only industry-leading products and techniques to protect and enhance your vehicle.